Resurrection Confirmation

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Lifeteen Mass @530PM Every Sunday @Resurrection
Lifenights to follow, all 9-12th Graders Welcome, food provided

Confirmation Registration 9th and 10th Grade
(All Registrations can be submitted at Resurrection Rectory 1057 Main st., Hingham, MA Attn: Janet Hickey)

What Does Seaside Life Teen Have to do with Confirmation? Seaside Life Teen is Hingham’s very own youth ministry program that also serves as requirement fulfillment for Resurrection Confirmation students (9th and 10th graders) where they are asked to accumulate points through Life Nights, Service Projects, and other events.

Confirmation Date for current 10th graders: Monday May 14th at 7PM at Res.
Mandatory Confirmation Form for those getting confirmed on May 14th, due by March 15th:

Seaside Confirmation Form

10th Grade Confirmation Syllabus

9th Grade Confirmation Syllabus