College Ministry

Incentives for College Students:

These incentives only apply to current and recent college grads to be applied to our upcoming trips this year (see below for trip options):

Trips for year 2020 – 2021:

  1. Mission Trip with Louisiana April 18-24, 2021 (if space is available). Cost $1,300
  2. Summer Pilgrimage (TBA)

If you are in college and would like to fundraise towards any of the trips, we have different things you can to help fundraise towards these trips. Before you decide what you would like to do, you have to email or text Fr. Matt Norwood and let him know which trip you’re considering and which of these options you would like to choose. You cannot sign up past October 3rd and you have to have finished most or all of the requirements before the trip to get the financial credit.

  1. $500 Stipend – Joining Adult Core: for every 10 life nights from 4:50 – 8 PM, you will get $500 after every 10 Life Nights for helping. So at 20 Lifenights you will get $1,000 (total). Every Lifenight after that is an additional $50 towards your trip.
  2. $720 stipend – Join a Discipleship Quad. Need to attend 36 out of 40 meetings. A Quad is made up of 4 members, one being a facilitator. They meet once a week (decided by the group) in a virtual classroom to discuss Scripture that they have been studying and praying with throughout the week. This will begin in the 2nd week of September.

    What is a Discipleship Quad? Click here to find out!

    See below for the Discipleship Quad packets:
    Part 1 (Weeks 1 – 10)

    Part 2 (Weeks 11 – 21)

    Part 3 (Weeks 22 – 32)

    Part 4 (Weeks 33-43)
  3. $1,000 stipend – Completes most or all of the following one month before the trip (but all of these have to be completed). 
    1. 60 hrs of Eucharistic Adoration – need a log of where and when one did the Holy Hour (Jesus needs to be exposed in the Monstrance – no cheating)
    2. 10 page reflection on a saint book (make it easy for yourself by taking notes while you’re reading) Fr. Matt will send out questions once you’ve chosen a book. Here are your options.
      a. The Perfect Joy of Saint Francis by Felix Timmermans
      b Come, Be My Light by Mother Teresa
      c. St. John Vianney – Cure de Ars by Francoise Trochu.
      d. Preparation for Death by St. Alphonsus Liguori
      e. Earn an extra $100: St. John Paul the Great: His 5 Loves by Jason Everett AND Men, Women and the Mystery of Love by Edward Sri (a summary of JP II’s Theology of the body).
    3. 6-10 minute video or an engaging Power Point presentation on how you’ve spread the Gospel throughout the year which should include the following: People whose lives you’ve touched, Practical how-to examples, groups that are religious in nature that you’ve joined and how you’ve contributed, service Trips you’ve done (has to directly involve Jesus)
    4. 2 page paper on what you have learned about how to most effectively spread the Gospel throughout the year.