How To Do A Holy Hour At Home

1. Rosary (20 Minutes)

How To Pray The Rosary (Make Sure You Print This)

2. Virtual Adoration And Meditation (20 Minutes)

Live virtual adoration in Poland! Keep in mind we also stream a virtual holy hour with meditation and music on Thursdays from 730-830pm. See details on homepage!

Here are recorded Sea Side Life Teen virtual Holy Hours:

HH4-25-20 (Password: 1s..7o.s), HH4-28-20 (Password: 9w^wQE6A)


3. Scripture Reading And Meditation (20 Minutes)

1. A good New Testament Bible is the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. Click here. 

2. A good Old and New Testament Bible is the Ignatius Revised Standard Version. Click here. 

3. These Bible Project Videos explain each book of the Bible in an easy to understand way. Here is the Gospel of Luke chapters 1-2!

How To Pray 30 Minutes A Day

Life Teen Music

Mercy Flows – Mary Castner

Coming Home – Mickayla Hagar

Courage Dear Heart – Mickayla Hagar

Holy Week Meditations

Particular Judgement: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory

Redemption vs Despair

Good Friday: The Sufferings of Christ