Meet Alyssa!

Hi There!

My name is Alyssa Gendreau and I am so grateful to God for the chance to know, serve and love Him here in Hingham with you all! I was raised in Abington in a Catholic family, but as I grew up, I fell away from the faith as my attention was turned more towards the normal distractions of high school; grades, friends, popularity and everything else that the world promises us. Although my faith was very lukewarm, I was Confirmed in 2016. Shortly thereafter, I encountered God in a tangible way for the first time in my life after receiving an invitation from a friend to go to a religious Summer Camp. From there on out, my faith was alive; I knew Jesus was real, present, and relevant to my life in a deeply personal way. I joined the first Core Team in Hingham as a junior in high school in the Fall of 2016, where I served until the time I graduated. In this time my faith continued to grow and blossom, specifically through time spent in Adoration with Jesus. I learned that I was created by God to love and serve Him, and I began to understand that the only way for me to be truly satisfied in this life is through total surrender to the loving will of God. This relationship with God continued to develop into a personal love through my time in college at both Saint Michael’s College and Boston University. Through the ups and downs of day to day life, it has been my life’s greatest joy and comfort to know and believe the promises of God, and to seek to follow His will. Working with you all is the next step in my journey of loving, knowing and serving the Lord, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to run after Him with you all! Know that you are all constantly in my prayers, and that I am here for you with whatever you may need, regarding the faith and beyond.

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